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About Get Connected Now

Thanks for visiting Get Connected Now which is the website for the Youth Support Service and other partners who deliver Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) in North Yorkshire. This is the service that provides information, advice and guidance about education, training and employment/careers for children and young people aged 11 – 19. (if you have learning disabilities or are differently abled, we can help you until you’re 25). YSS‘ staff are also able to support you with information and advice on all the other aspects of your life, such as health, housing and money,  and if they cannot give the answers they will signpost to someone who can.

Please note

Get Connected Now links to many other websites that are relevant to careers, education, training and work. These links are checked regularly. However, please remember that the quality of information varies between sites and can change rapidly. The Youth Support Service is not responsible for the content of any site linked to or from Get Connected Now.

Anne Almond YSS Information Adviser

Get Connected Now is designed for:

  • Young people – On the young people pages you will find links to all the information that you may need to help you to make informed choices about your future through education, training and careers as well as vacancies, including apprenticeships, for which you can apply. On the Labour Market Information page you will find information about what is happening in the labour market not only locally within North Yorkshire but nationally and internationally. You can also link to the gimi website for information about all the other things in your life
  • Online learning – We are working to put young people in contact with private sector vocational trainer providers that deliver online learning qualifications like Discovery UK who provide online personal trainer courses or The Training Room who sell online catering courses and food hygiene certificates.
  • Parents and carers – On the parents and carers page you can find links to specific information about subject and careers choices in order to help you to provide informed careers advice and support
  • Employers – On the employer pages you can find links to all the information that you may need to know when you are thinking of employing a young person.
  • Professionals – On the professional page you will find links to useful resources which could support you when you need to give career information or advice, whether you are, for example, a careers adviser, a career coordinator, or a subject teacher.

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