Employing an apprentice


This is an information sheet which gives you the key points about employing an apprentice and explains how you can find out more and get support.

Apprenticeships are a way of addressing skill gaps which can make your organisation more efficient and effective. They are designed to help young people to reach their full potential. If you think you want to employ an apprentice please go to the Apprenticeships website where it explains why having an apprentice could be right for you or ring the Apprenticeships Helpline 0800 0150 600.  You may find it useful to look at this section – Apprenticeships – Opening doors to a better future.

The Apprenticeships Vacancy Service allows you, as an employer, to advertise vacancies and it allows candidates to find suitable apprenticeships.

Key Points:

  • Apprentices make a valuable contribution to businesses
  • Apprenticeships can help you to solve business issues eg: recruitment difficulties; skills gaps; staff retention; staff morale; succession planning
  • Apprenticeships are a means of accessing talent; they are high calibre individuals committed to their chosen career
  • Developing an apprentice (or Apprenticeship programme) will provide you with a highly motivated workforce with qualifications that reflect the latest industry standards
  • Apprenticeships enable young people to continue their learning in employment, and make a wider contribution to the economy and society – by 2020, one in five young people will undertake an Apprenticeship, recognising the excellent opportunities for career progression that this route offers them.

The Apprenticeship Ambassadors are a group of senior business leaders who believe in Apprenticeships because they have seen the benefits that they bring to their businesses, including increased productivity, greater staff retention, increased profitability and more highly motivated workforces. These are just a few of the benefits that make a compelling business case for Apprenticeships and there is more specific evidence available as well as answers to most of the questions that you may want to ask on the website.